Thursday, November 03, 2005

BASAs Day 9 - Best XI

Climbing the Ladder hands out a very interesting BASA today due to the nature of the vote. Anyway, the winners of the MLS Best XI BASA are... (click here)

So yesterday's award went to those unsung heroes of the pitch, the forwards. Few people notice them when they are doing their job, but without them, the game would be nothing.

Anyway, here is the way the voting went:

1- Taylor Twellman
2- Jaime Moreno
3- Hercules Gomez
4- Landon Donovan
5- Youri Djorkaeff
6- Carlos Ruiz
6- Jeff Cunningham

No big surprise that the Golden Boot winner got top honors, or that the runner up for the boot got second place.

So how did I vote? Here you go:

1- Taylor Twellman (NE)
2- Herculez Gomez (LA)
3- Landon Donovan (LA)

I went with Twellman because he was wonderful this year.

Then there was the Gomez and Donovan debate. I went back and forth on this one so I am glad to see some other discussions about it in the blogosphere. Both of them had strong years and both are good for their team and the game. However, I must admit that I have come to expect really good things from Donovan. When he had an off game, I was harder on him because of this. For Gomez, I was expecting some nice play but got so much more. Perhaps this clouded my judgment, but in the end I thought Gomez was just a bit more of a surprise, thus causing the opposition to have to think on their feet.

I liked what I saw out of Jaime Moreno, but I thought the other three did a bit better them him this year. He was on my top five list along with Jeff Cunningham.



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