Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Champions League Round 4 - Day 2 - Live

Club Brugge 3-2 Rapid Vienna (FT)
Juventus 2-1 Bayern Munich (FT)
Arsenal 1-0 Sparta Prague (FT)
FC Thun 2-4 Ajax Amsterdam (FT)

Barcelona 5-0 Panathinaikos (FT)
Werder Bremen 4-3 Udinese (FT)
Benfica 0-1 Villarreal (FT)
Lille 1-0 Man Utd (FT)

Live blogging. The matches are underway.

Updating as things happen or every few minutes. Just hit reload on your browser. If it is taking a long time to reload, click here. This is just the live blogging page. You should be able to reload faster here.

Update 17: Ajax get two very late goals to win it in extra time.

Update 16: Man United fall to Lille 1-0. Ibrahimovic gets a late red card for Juventus, but they hold on to win 2-1.

Big Update: Verheyen got the 3rd for Club Brugge and Hofmann got the second for Rapid Vienna.

Trezequet has both for Juventus while Deisler got the one for Bayern.

van Persle got 2 nice goals for Arsenal (82nd & 86th) to put them up by 3.

Ajax took the lead on Anastaslou's goal in the 63rd, but Pimenta tied it in the 75th.

Eto now has a hat trick for Barcelona.

Udinese tied it up at 3, but Micoud got the fourth for Werder. Pinzi got a red in the 71st so Udinese are down to 10.

Senna got the goal for Villarreal.

Sorry about the last 25 minutes, but blogger went down and would not let me up date.

Update 15: Werder Breman is falling apart. Antonio Di Natale gets another goal just three minutes after his first. Udinese is back in this one.

Update 14: Mauro Lustrinelli shoots from just outside the box to tie it up for FC Thun.

Update 13: Man U has come out flat. Lille has controlled the ball the whole time and Tafforeau almost got a gaol, but Van dar Sar just managed to tip it over.

Antonio Di Natale pulls one back for Udinese.

Update 12: Johan Micoud heads one in off a cross by Nelson Valdez to put Werder up by 3.

Update 11: Neither Lille or Man U made any changes at the half.

-At the half-
Man U is in trouble. What do you think Sir Alex is thinking as he heads to the dressing room? Barcelona and Werder Breman are in control of their matches. Ajax is looking very strong, as are Arsenal. Juventus might just have what it takes to get a few pass Kahn and Bayern.

Update 10: Barcelona are in domination mood. Samuel Eto got on in the 40th after Lionel Messi got one a couple minutes before.

Update 9: Oh my, Acimovic fireds a good finish into goal to put Lille up by 1.

Update 8: Lionel Messi puts a close range shot into the net for a 2-0 advantage to Barcelona.

Reyes almost adds to Arsenal's lead, but the shot went just wide.

Update 7: Ajax had been pushing all night and finally they get one in thanks to Wesley Sneijder 's shot into the bottome left corner.

Update 6: Bosko Balaban puts in a shot for Club Brugge. They are now up 2-1.

Frank Baumann gets a goal for Werder Breman.

Update 5: Henry gets the goal for Arsenal off a low shot from about 25 yards.

Update 4: Samuel Eto heads a cross from Andres Iniesta into the top right corner of goal to give Barcelona a 2-0 lead.

Miroslav Klose heads one in for Werder Bremen to put them up by 1.

Update 3: Jonathan Blondel converts on a shot right outside the six-yard box to tie the game for Club Brugge.

Update 2: Must be the night of quick goals as Barcelona also gets one in the first minute. Mark van Bommel put his shot from the right side of the box into the center of goal.

Update 1: Marek Kincl gets a goal in the first minute of play for Rapid Vienna. It was a header off a Mattias Dollinger cross.


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