Wednesday, November 02, 2005

BASAs Day 8 - Forward of the Year

The BASAs are screaming on along over at Climbing the Ladder where scaryice hands out today's award to Forward of the Year. The winner did so overwhelmingly. And the winner is... (click here).

Yesterday's award went to Old Folk of the Year. Here is the list of folks that got votes:

1- Youri Djorkaeff
2- Pat Onstad
3- Mark Chung
4- Ezra Hendrickson
5- Scott Garlick
6- Tony Meola
6- Cobi Jones
8- Bo Oshoniyi

So how did I vote? Well wait no longer because here is your answer:

1- Scott Garlick (FCD)
2- Youri Djorkaeff (MetroStars)
3- Bo Oshoniyi (KC)

I voted Scott Garlick my number 1 because I think he is the main reason FC Dallas ended up having as good of a season as they did. Without him between the posts and taking control of their always-uneven backline, I think FCD would have dropped a lot of games.

Youri Djorkaeff was an easy choice for the list and almost got my top spot. He had an outstanding year and, much like Garlick, is a big reason his side did as well as they did. Without Djorkaeff the Metros would have challenged Columbus for the last spot instead of KC for the fourth spot in the conference.

Then there was choice number three. I went with Bo Oshoniyi because, like the other two, I think he was a major factor in his team's success (limited though it was). Bo played every minute of every game and is walking away with a 1.38 GAA. That's not great but I think it (along with the work Jimmy Conrad did) was enough to keep the Wizards in the playoff hunt till the very end.

So that all said, one could ask why I did not vote for Pat Onstad who, like Bo, played every minute, but had a .97 GAA. I think Onstad was fantastic and that is why I voted for him as goalkeeper of the year, but I think he had more help from his team then either Garlick or Bo had. Also, I like to spread awards around. Both Garlick and Oshoniyi had good years and I wanted to give them some recognition.


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