Friday, November 04, 2005

BASAs Day 10 - Player of the Year

What a fun two weeks it has been for the BASAs. But just like those lazy days of summer, all things must end. Today's final award goes the best the MLS has to offer. And the winner of MLS Player of the Year is... (click here).

Yesterday saw the Best XI award. The vote tally was a bit long, so you can just go look at it here, but this was my vote.

GK - Pat Onstad (San Jose)

Defense (3) - Tyrone Marshall (LA), Bobby Boswell (DC), Jimmy Conrad (KC)

Midfielders (4) - Freddy Adu (DC), Dwayne De Rosario (San Jose), Youri
Djorkaeff (MetroStars), Christian Gomez (DC)

Forwards (3) - Landon Donovan (LA), Jeff Cunningham (Colorado), Taylor
Twellman (NE)

I went with a 3-4-3 because I loves me the offense. Anyway, I think Onstad was an easy choice between the posts (as did 8 other bloggers).

I think my backline would have solid experience (Marshall & Conrad) as well as a strong, young surprise in Boswell.

A midfield with DeRosario, Djorkaeff and C Gomez would be a dream. I also think these three people could bring all the action out of Adu that we want to see. I think any attackers would be hard pressed to get pass these four. On offense I think they could take more then a few good, hard shots as well as serve the ball up for my forwards.

So what about the forwards? Twellman was the easy pick, but Donovan and Cunningham were not much harder. I was thinking of putting Hercules Gomez in there (since I did put him in the #2 spot for Forward of the Year), but I don't think H Gomez would do as well with my midfield as Donovan or Cunningham. He needs a less attacking / more crossing set behind him to shine.

Now you have my Best XI, enjoy it.


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