Thursday, April 12, 2007

Welcome to the new Thursday night soccer night

FC Dallas (0-0-1) vs. Los Angeles Galaxy (0-0-1)
10:00pm (ET) pre-game show, 10:30pm kickoff

At long last Thursday night soccer is here. Yes, the kickoff time insures weak East coast ratings, but still, it will be live with a pre-game show. Now let's just hope for some action on the field to justify all the excitement.

Both teams come into this game on a positive note as LA managed to pull a tie out in Houston while FCD had a last minute miracle to earn their point. However, it will be how they solve their problems that will decide this game.

On Sunday, LA was able to poke holes through Houston's line and get some quality opportunities, but they wasted them. Time and time again balls went way over the net or far outside the post. Sadly for the Galaxy, the biggest offender was Landon Donovan. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if Landon isn't hot, neither is LA.

But the Galaxy might have their chance tonight as Dallas has the opposite problem as it is their defense that is lacking. The good news is they will have Chris Gbandi back from injury, but still, they are loose on the backend.

The team that can solve their problem the best will win this match. My guess is LA will make it happen as finishing opportunities should be easier then fixing a defensive line. It will be interesting to see if Robbie Findley gets a start instead of Cobi Jones. Jones is a legend but Findley has some good sense and amazing speed and will create pain for Dallas.

One other major hurdle FCD will need to overcome is Joe Cannon. They were able to flash a few past Nick Rimando (GK-RSL) on Saturday but Cannon is at a different level. Carlos Ruiz and Kenny Cooper are going to need sharp shots to get one past him.

In the end, Dallas will walk away with no points, just like they always do after visiting the Galaxy in LA.

Me: FCD 1-3 LA
Wife: FCD 0-1 LA
(If this past weekend is any indication, Dallas fans should be happy with our picks)

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