Wednesday, April 11, 2007

San Jose Earthquakes stadium secrets

This much we know, Lee Wolff likes his secrets, but he might not get to keep them for long.

Wolff is the man in charge of bringing the Earthquakes back to San Jose and has been very opposed to the release of any information by the city government regarding a possible stadium deal. However, Mayor Chuck Reed has bowed to public pressure and open records requests and is now asking the city to release an outline of the proposal.

Although the finer parts are not known, we do have a summary of the basic plan. Wolff wants to buy some low-cost industrial land, have the city rezone it for residential, build upscale town homes or condominiums and use the money made from those homes to build a new stadium that will be house the Earthquakes and San Jose State's college football team. However, opponents worry that the additional government costs associated with residential homes will out weigh the benefits of the stadium.

The outline, which Wolff says is a good idea, should help explain how this deal will help the city.

Another thing critics are pointing to is the city paying for a $10,000 traffic survey to study the effect of any rezoning on the area. Normally developers have to pay for such things, however the city has decided to do it for Wolff and insists there is nothing unusual about this.

In the end, it looks like the city is very interested in making a stadium deal come true, however playing the game of secretes is having some undesired consequences and that some people are starting to think they are getting hosed. It will be interesting to see how this plays out because it is bound to come up again in other cities (DC anyone).

Still, if you are an Earthquakes fan, you have to be at least somewhat encouraged by the progress being made to bring the team back to life.

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that is spelled "SECRETS".

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