Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Colombia removes itself from 2014 World Cup race; South Africa wants to spread the love

Colombia has made it official, they do not want to be considered for host of the 2014 World Cup, leaving Brazil as the sole bidder for the world's biggest event.

Sepp Blatter described Colombia's move last month as a publicity stunt, which caused the country's president to respond, "Before he can say that, he has to get rid of all the mafia who have infected football, and respect Colombia." Looks like both of them were right.

In 2010 news, South Africa wants FIFA to change the rule that requires teams to live in the country during the World Cup. They say this is Africa's World Cup and that surrounding countries should get a bit of fun.

There are two main reasons South Africa wants this. First is to share the fun of having the world cup, but second, and more important in my view, they hope to alleviate some of the demand for housing. If fans follow their team back to Mozambique or Swaziland, then South Africa doesn't have to come up with a place for them to stay or to keep them safe.

This seems like an easy choice for FIFA to make.

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