Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wizards look to rookie Michael Harrington

The Kansas City Wizards hope their top draft selection can turn things around for them this season. The question is will a move from the backline to the left midfield prove as fruitful during the regular season as it did during the pre-season?

The soft-spoken Harrington agrees he has a lot to learn, especially when it comes to the speed of the MLS game.

“I think it’s gone well so far,” Harrington said after a Wizards training session last month. “It’s a big transition, though. The speed of play is a lot faster.

“But I think I’ve done well. I’m getting used to it.”

This is a good piece on Harrington and he is someone to keep in mind as the US men move towards 2010. If he can become an attacking midfielder without losing his defensive chops, he might make for a good multi-position backup player. Since he is training with Bob Bradley for the 2008 Olympics, he's in a perfect position to impress.

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