Thursday, April 12, 2007

Houston's four stadium sites

It looks like the Houston Dynamo are moving ever closer to finding a spot for their new home. The cities of Sugar Land, Houston, Pearland and Webster are all interested in developing the complex, although Pearland and Webster will not confirm that they have put forth a proposal,

Of all four locals, the must is known about Sugar Land. Just last week their city council decided to move "forward with the development of an entertainment district that would include a 20,000-25,000 seat stadium that could be used by the Dynamo." The site would also include 16 tournament quality fields.

Pearland is being coy, but team president Oliver Luck very much likes the location. "What I like about Pearland is the timing of this all, because they're really in a massive growth spurt. Being able to potentially plan something like (a soccer stadium complex) in with all the other stuff that's happening is very gratuitous timing."

Houston has put forward a site right next to the baseball stadium while Webster has suggestion a few possible sites.

It would seem, at the moment, that Pearland has a bit of an edge over the others. It's location near Texas 288 and Beltway 8 gives it good access and it sounds like there is room to grow. I would place Houston second because having a downtown stadium is just an amazing idea. Sugar Land's offer sounds interesting, but it almost sounds like they are looking for more of a leasing deal then an ownership one. Webster would be the outsider of them all. It is a bit out of town and it doesn't sound like there is much around. Also, it is the only city where the Dynamo has not done any sort of engineering study.

A lot will depend on the deal that is offered, but if I had to give odds I would say Pearland 3:1, Houston 5:1, Sugar Land 8:1 and Webster 15:1. That was fun.

The Dynamo has previously stated 2009 as the date by which they want to open the new stadium. If they still want to make that deadline, then we should know an answer no later then the end of the season.

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