Thursday, April 12, 2007

Misinformation about Beckham debut

It seems a number of news outlets in England are running a story saying the Los Angeles Galaxy's August 23rd match against Chivas USA will be his American debut. Their 'source' seems to be LA's 'Beckham Pack' offer, but it seems they missed a big part of the story.

Beckham will join the team in early July and previous comments have suggested that he would start play at the end of the month or early August (however, some, okay, just MLS Commissioner Don Garber, have suggested he could be at the July 19 All-Star Game).

The league wants all MLS clubs to have a home date with Beckham. If LA waited till the 23rd, FC Dallas, DC United, New England Revolution and New York Red Bulls would not be guaranteed that opportunity (it could still happen in the playoffs).

With all the marketing that has gone into the Beckham deal, I don't think four teams will just surrender their chance to have their Beckham match.

In addition, all the articles say something like 'the August 23rd has been confirmed as his American debut" but the press release says nothing like that. It does say that "this deal is the only way to guarantee yourself the chance to see David Beckham at The Home Depot Center in a Galaxy uniform." but it never says this will be his first game. Perhaps they are confused because the release also talks about tonight's home opener.

What the 23rd looks to be is the first home date that is all but guaranteed to have Beckham on the pitch. There is still a chance he could play in a different home match prior to this date, but the odds are not as certain, so the team is using the match on the 23rd to get people to come out to tonight's home opener.

One other bone to pick, they all report that LA has slashed prices for the tickets to just $10. The problem is $10 is the cheapest tickets for all their matches. They are also selling $250 tickets and guess what, those tickets get you a better seat then the $10 general admission tickets.

Nothing like lazy journalism.

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Blogger Bill said...

At the "State of the Galaxy" Address a couple of weeks ago, Lalas said, "If I were to go to Vegas, I'd put money on the Chelsea game as Beckham's first game." That game is July 21, and will also coincide with Galaxy's rebranding.



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