Friday, April 13, 2007

2007 Week 2 Predictions

The big question for week 2 is 'will teams score?' The low, low, low count of last weekend would be great if it was the result of fantastic defense, but sadly it had a lot more to do with weak offense. Anyway, here are my quick predicts for week number two.

Columbus Crew (0-0-1) - Real Salt Lake (0-0-1)
Saturday - 6:00pm ET
TV: Direct Kick
Internet: MLStv

This is the match everyone is looking forward to. Okay, I'm lying, but in reality, this actually could be the start of something for either team. Real showed some great ability against Dallas, but lost it do to a last minute collapse. Meanwhile, the Crew spent the majority of the NY match in NY's half of the pitch. If they can wake Andy Herron up, it could become a good shootout between him and Real's Jeff Cunningham. If it does, it might come down to keepers and, now this is another shock, I think the Crew has the better in that category.
Predictions: Me Crew 2-2 RSL, Wife Crew 1-0 RSL

Toronto FC (0-1-0) - New England Revolution (0-1-0)
Saturday - 7:30pm ET
TV: Direct Kick
Internet: MLStv

Even though they put on a decent match against the Fire, I'm still not sure the Revolution is a strong team. By Sunday morning, we should know the answer. If they fail to ignite against a clearly wondering Toronto side, they don't have much hope for a strong opening. One has to guess Twellman is going to come to life at some point and if not against TFC then who?
Predictions: Me TFC 0-1 NE, Wife TFC 0-2 NE

KC Wizards (0-0-0) - DC United (0-1-0)
Saturday - 7:30pm ET
TV: Fox Soccer Channel, FSE

This should be the best game of the weekend. DC is finally back at home and their fans are sure to give them some love. The Wizards, meanwhile, are looking to make an impression that will cause people to forget about 2006. DC will need to regain the midfield while they will be looking to restart Jaime Moreno. The Wizards need Eddie Johnson to wake up, but I think their outcome will have a lot more to do with play of Michael Harrington. I think United will win this one, but will look a little soft doing it, thus starting the 'DC is a bunch of crap' talk.
Predictions: Me KC 1-2 DC, Wife KC 1-2 DC

Chivas USA (1-0-0) - Houston Dynamo (0-0-1)
Saturday - 8:30pm ET
TV: Direct Kick, HDnet
Internet: MLStv

With Ricardo Clark coming back for Houston, they should be able to setup some explosive offense that will leave Chivas in the dark. The control he brings to the middle will free up Dwayne De Rosario, which should give folks like Ching and Dalglish space up top. Jonathan Bornstein will help hold the tide on defense, but it will not be enough.
Predictions: Me Chivas 0-2 Houston, Wife Chivas 0-1 Houston

FC Dallas (1-1-0) - New York Red Bulls (0-0-1)
Sunday - 3:00pm ET
TV: TeleFutura

I hear the big plan for the Red Bulls is hope for heavy snow activity Saturday night, thus forcing Dallas to delay their arrival till one hour before kickoff. It might work. Dallas must be feeling great about where they sit. They've been outplayed in both games yet still have 4 points to show for it. Normally I would assume exhaustion would get the best of a weak backline, however, New York has no goal scorers, so it might all come down to their attacking line. If that is the case, the duo of Ruiz and Cooper will make for another sad day at the Meadowlands.
Predictions: Me FCD 2-1 NY, Wife FCD 1-1 NY

Chicago Fire (1-0-0) - Colorado Rapids (1-0-0)
Sunday - 8:00pm ET
TV: Direct Kick
Internet: MLStv

Colorado used their newfound midfield abilities and the wide open spaces of their stadium to force United out of position, but you only get one time to launch a surprise. The Fire will arrive with a key sense of what is coming their way and should be able to prevent the bleed. However, the Rapids looked impressive and the Fire did give up a lot of room to New England at home, so I think the Rapids will get the full points.
Predictions: Me Chicago 1-3 Rapids, Wife Fire 2-0 Rapids

Now, can I do better then the 1-5 I did last weekend?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Colorado has no sting in midfield, Fires' midfield will hold Colorado at bay, watch.

Frank--MLS fan

1:30 PM  
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