Thursday, August 11, 2005

Amado Guevara wants out of the MLS

The reigning MVP of MLS says that he is fed up with the league after receiving a double yellow - red card during last night's match. Ives Galarcep has the story over at ESPN soccer net.

"The truth is I feel very uncomfortable," said Guevara. "My first year I felt so-so and last year I felt so-so, but this year I don't feel at all comfortable. When the season is over I'm going to talk to the league because I don't want to play here anymore."

As Ives points out, "Guevara has received seven yellow cards this season, several of which have come for dissent or for fouls he committed after feeling like fouls against him weren't called." On this I agree. Right before the first yellow last night, Guevara had been fouled, but the ref did not see it. Still, the way he reacted was bad for him and bad for his team. Ives continues to say that the second foul he committed last night "...looked like a harmless collision with Olsen." When I saw that foul, it looked for much like a cleats up hit after Olsen had passed the ball. That will get you a straight red most of the time, so I don't feel bad about that call.

All and all, Guevara has some honest grievances to bring up to the MLS, but as he points out, "I can't say anything because the league fines you..." Guevara is a very strong player and it would be sad for the MetroStars and MLS if he leaves, but if he is not happy, it's time for him to find a new home.


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Hi Mike, you left a nice comment on my Dad's blog. Thanks.

I see you're into soccer (understatement I think). I never really enjoyed it until my 5 year old started playing and now this year I'm going to coach my 3 year old. Any tips or suggestions? You seem to be an expert. The world of soccer is pretty new to me.

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