Thursday, August 11, 2005

Money problems for Kenyan national team

As reported by Fox Soccer, Kenya's International players staged a sit-in today to protest their failure to be paid. As the article notes, "the 25 players had been preparing for a game against Tunisia next Wednesday in Tunis. They say they are owed about US$30,000 (€24,184)." Strangely enough, this is not the longest players have gone without getting paid.

This is not the only problem involving Kenya and money. Yesterday FIFA reject Kenya's appeal against a closed-door match on September 2nd. This ban was imposed on Kenya after a fan was killed before their qualifier against Morocco on June 18th. Kenya protest but did not include the 3,000 Swiss francs (about $2,329) appeal fee.

Kenya's odds of making the World Cup are very low, but they still have a chance at a spot at next year's African Cup of Nations finals in Egypt.


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