Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The USL is expanding into Delaware

United Soccer Leagues announced today that Delaware Dynasty Soccer Club will join its ranks. The club says it will focus on developing the highest level of soccer throughout Delaware and the Tri-State area.

I have not posted much about the USL. Now by much I mean this is my first post. It has nothing to do with me not liking what I see, I just haven't seen much. I read a few articles here and there and catch a game every now and then on Fox Soccer Channel, but really I know next to nothing about it.

That said, if soccer is going to become one of America's big sports, there needs to be more then just the MLS. Having other professional leagues is a great way to attract fans. Much the way minor league baseball gives people in smaller markets the chance to see some good players; USL is expanding soccer’s appeal. I'm glad to see it doing so well and will try to write more about it soon.

By the way, the USL has a blog at The posts are a little limited but it is a good start.


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