Tuesday, April 10, 2007

USL sign three year deal with Fox Soccer Channel

United Soccer Leagues has announced the signing of a three-year deal with Fox Soccer Channel to televise a projected 27-game schedule annually. These games will include a Friday night USL First Division game of the week as well as W-League, Premier Development League and USL Second Division Championships.

These games will air also air on Fox Sports en Español, Fox Sports World Canada and Fox Sports Middle East/Africa.

In addition, all USL First Division matches not on FSC will be available via the new internet broadcast channel USLlive.com. The cost for the service is either $9.99 per month or $49.99 for a year.

Congrats to the USL on this deal and good work on USLlive.

Here is the list of games for the 2007 season (all times ET):

April 20 USL-1 Charleston v Minnesota 8:00
April 27 USL-1 Atlanta v Minnesota 8:00

May 4 USL-1 Rochester v Vancouver 8:00
May 11 USL-1 Portland v Seattle 11:00
May 18 USL-1 Miami v Minnesota 8:00
May 25 USL-1 Montreal v Miami 8:00

June 1 USL-1 Montreal v Vancouver 8:00
June 8 USL-1 Montreal v Portland 8:00
June 15 USL-1 Carolina v Seattle 8:00
June 22 USL-1 Charleston v Atlanta 8:00
June 29 USL-1 Rochester v Atlanta 8:00

July 6 USL-1 Rochester v Carolina 8:00
July 13 USL-1 Portland v California 11:00
July 20 USL-1 Puerto Rico v California 8:00
July 27 USL-1 Vancouver v Seattle 11:00

August 3 USL-1 Carolina v California 8:00
August 5 W-League W-League Championship TBD
August 10 USL-1 Atlanta v Puerto Rico 8:00
August 11 PDL Premier Development League Championship TBD
August 17 USL-1 Puerto Rico v Miami 8:00
August 24 USL-1 Rochester v Montreal 8:00
August 25 USL-2 USL Second Division Championship TBD
August 31 USL-1 Montreal v Rochester 8:00

September 7 USL-1 Charleston v Puerto Rico 8:00
September 16 USL-1 USL First Division Quarterfinal – Leg 2 TBD
September 23 USL-1 USL First Division Semifinal – Leg 2 TBD
September 29 USL-1 USL First Division Championship TBD

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