Friday, November 11, 2005

Your Friendly Preview

Are you ready for something friendly? Tomorrow will be your day to smile. Here are some of the match-ups

France vs Germany
Portugal vs Croatia
England vs Argentina
Scotland vs US
Holland vs Italy
South Korea vs Sweden

Germany and their coach J├╝rgen Klinsmann need at least a tie to calm down some of the fears going around, but the French would love to send the Germans home in a tailspin. Both sides need a win, but the French will have a bit of an out seeing as they played in Costa Rica just a few days before.

The Portugal-Croatia outing should be fun to watch. Both sides are happy with the way qualifying went (even if it was a bit scary for Croatia) and should come out strong on offense. This should be a nice relaxing affair.

England and Argentina, how these two love to give it to the other. This will be the biggest friendly on the day as both sides are looking for something to boost their moral. England did win their group, but fans back home are still shaky on the team, while Argentina went on a three game dive after clinching their spot. Even in a match that means nothing, these two always come to play. Let the explosions begin.

The Holland and Italy match will be lacking some attacking power since both Francesco Totti and Ruud van Nistelrooy will be out due to injury. This should make this game a little less exciting to watch. Look for Holland to take control towards the half.

I think the South Korea match will be a very fun one to watch. Their European based players will be getting a lot of time, so there will be good talent on the field. Sweden will use this game to test out some new players. It should be a good night for the South.


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