Saturday, November 12, 2005

US 1 - 1 Scotland

Even with so many of their star players not on the pitch, the US was able to walk away from chilly Scotland with a tie. However, early in the match it looked like America was going to get their first win in Europe in a long time.

The US came out pushing hard and managed to get a pk due to a foolish Scottish foul. Josh Wolff connected putting his side up. This lead to some excellent ball play by the US for the next 15-minutes. However, they soon seem to slip into a defense mood allowing the Scots to get back into it. In the 37th, Andy Webster beat his defender on a free kick and headed the ball into goal. This would be all the scoring on the night.

If there were any questions about DaMarcus Beasley making the team (and I don't think there were), he showed why he will be in Germany. When no one else seemed to be clicking, Beasley was making himself known. However, he still needs to work on making more of his chances on goal.

Jonathan Spector (pictured) had some troubles early, but in the second half seemed to even himself out. He was able to interrupt the flow of play often enough to keep things from getting ugly.

Josh Wolff looked good, however he had a great chance on goal late in the first that he really should have finished. Seeing as the US has a lot of forwards from which to choice, Wolff must show something more in order to make the final squad (and I think he might have that in him).

Brian Ching had moments of wonder up front and set up the shot the Wolff was not able to finish. He was good, but seemed to miss that killer instinct.

Kasey Keller surprised me. He did not seem as solid in this outing. He was still very good, but there were a couple times he was caught of his line for no real reason.

All in all, the US should be happy with this match. I'm sure they would have loved to get a win in Europe, but this was a nice way to finish off 2005. They still need help defending against set pieces and their backline (especially on the left side) needs some work.


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