Tuesday, November 01, 2005

BASAs Day 7 - Old Player of the Year

Another day, another award from the blogosphere. Today Climbing the Ladder hands out the award for Old Player of the Year. And the best old guy on the pitch is... (click here).

Yesterday's award went to Midfielder of the Year. Here is how the results came in:

1 Dwayne DeRosario
2 Christian Gomez
2 Shalrie Joseph
4 Justin Mapp
4 Ronnie O'Brien
6 Landon Donovan
7 Clint Dempsey
7 Youri Djorkaeff

Here is how I voted:

1- Justin Mapp (Chicago)
2- Christian Gomez (DC)
3- Dwayne DeRosario (San Jose)

Like I said yesterday, I really like what I have seen out of Mapp this year. He is more aggressive and really brings some force to the middle of the field for Chicago.

Christian Gomez was outstanding this year. He was the spark time and time again for DC. It is just a shame that his last action of the season was the spit.

DeRosario has made San Jose's season. He was constantly creating opportunities and pouncing on opponent’s mistakes. It was a joy watching him play.

I could have put these three in just about any order (I also could have included Shalrie Joseph or Youri Djorkaeff), but I went with this order because I think Mapp deserves a lot of create for what he did and I think DeRosario is going to win a bigger prize later on.


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