Tuesday, November 01, 2005

East Asian Games - Soccer, Day 4

It was Group B's turn on the pitch and the results were something else. The first match saw North Korea take on Chinese Macao. You might remember that when Macao played China on Sunday, the lost 10-0 and they did not get a shot off. One would think they could not do any worse. Well, one would be wrong. North Korea walked out of this one the winner by a score of 13-0. There was some good news for Macao, they did get 3 shots and 2 were on goal, so that's something better.

For North Korea, they two players get hat-tricks (Ryang Yong Gi & Kim Chol Ho) and one player get a double hat-trick (An Chol Hyok). Hong Yong Jo got the other goal. One would think that Hyok, with 6 goals, has a great chance of winning the golden boat award.

The other match was a bit closer. It saw China defeat Hong Kong 2-0. Both goals were scored by Chen Tao.

Here are the standings in Group B:
China - 6 pts
North Korea - 4
Hong Kong - 1
Macao - 0

China has secured their spot in the knockout round. They will play North Korea on Thursday. If North Korea gets a point, they will advance. For Hong Kong to advance they need North Korea to lose (hopefully by a lot of goals) and they need to beat Macao by a bunch of goals. North Korea is currently +15 over Hong Kong in goal difference.

Tomorrow, Group A concludes with Japan playing South Korea for the top spot.


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