Thursday, January 10, 2008

FC Dallas gets a double D for their troubled D

After days of negotiations, FC Dallas has signed former Club America star Duilio Davino to a two-year contract. No numbers were released other then to say he is non a DP so he is making under $400,000 a year.

Could it be that at long last FCD is finally doing something to truly stabilize their backline? It seems like year after year I think the same thing about the team, 'great offense but what a mess on defense,' but could this be the sign of changing times? Okay, this move was made in large part due to Clarence Goodson leaving for San Jose, so it might be a forced change of priorities, but it is still a change.

Even at 31, Davino is a quality player. Yes, injuries are starting to come a bit more frequently and his speed is lacking, but as Blanco showed last season, in MLS if you can read the game, you can overcome a lot. Plus, I'm sure he will be able to help organize the back far better then anyone the team has had in a long time.

But this move was not just about getting a good player to fill a hole; it was also about getting people through the turnstiles to fill some seats. Although he will not be the draw that Blanco is, he is still a known name to those of Mexican heritage, which should help convince a few to make the long drive to Frisco to see a couple games.

Overall, a very good move by the team from Dallas.

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