Tuesday, December 18, 2007

US's road to 2010 World Cup a bit more defined

The US men now know their schedule for the semifinal round of World Cup Qualifying, provided they make it past Barbados or Dominica in the second round (games to be played in June).

In the semis, the team will play a round robin format against three other teams, for a total of six games. The red, white and blues will open up on the road for their first two outings, then come home for three and finish with an away meeting. Here are the dates (all 2008):
20 Aug - Away
06 Sept - Away
10 Sept - Home
11 Oct - Home
15 Oct - Home
19 Nov - Away

Although none of the teams have been decided, it is likely that the group will contain the US, Guatemala, Trinidad & Tobago and Cuba. The top two teams in the group will advance to the finals in 2009.

The finals will involve a round robin format of 10 games with the top three teams advancing to the 2010 World Cup while the fourth place team will play the fifth place South American side for a trip to South Africa.

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