Wednesday, December 19, 2007

MLS looking at top European clubs for 2008 All-Star match

Rumors have it that MLS has their eyes on four teams for the 2008 All-Star match in Toronto. Those clubs, in no particular order, are Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid. Yes, the All-Star game is a bit of a joke based more on marketing then anything else, but if it has to be done (and it does), might as well get some top-level competition.

My favorite part of the article concerns the teams MLS has faced in recent years:
The MLS All-Star format typically pits the best of the North American league against a top European club. In the past three years, Chelsea and Fulham of the English Premier League and Celtic of the Scottish Premier League have appeared. Those recent participants pale in terms of quality and/or pedigree with any of the four now being considered.
Now my heart might not bleed Chelsea blue, but to say that they are not on the level with the four teams being considered for '08 is a little shy of the truth.

Anyway, as stated in an earlier post, I would guess Liverpool would be at the top of MLS's list, especially if the tails of George Gillett Jr. and a Montreal expansion team are true. However, I'd be willing to watch any of these four take on the best of North America.

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