Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2008 Concacaf Champions' Cup Schedule

The draw is done and teams now know their opposition for next year's Concacaf Champions' Cup (CCC) quarterfinals.

1 Houston Dynamo (USA) - Municipal* (Guatemala)
2 Atlante FC* (Mexico) - Saprissa (Costa Rica)

3 DC United (USA) - Harbour View* (Jamaica)
4 Pachuca (Mexico) -Motagua* (Honduras)
* Host of first leg

The quarterfinals are a home-home series with the first leg taking place March 11-13, and the second leg the following week. The winners of series 1-2 and 3-4 will face off in the semifinals. The first leg for the semis will be staged April 1-3 with the second leg a week later. The final will happen April 22-24 and April 29-May 1.

The timing of the 2008 event is a bit more favorable for DC and Houston as it will take place just a couple weeks before the start of the season rather then a full month ahead like it did this year. That said, if either team goes the distance, it is very likely that they will play 11 meaningful matches in a month and a half (6 CCC, 5 MLS).

Winning the CCC earns the team a spot in the 2008 FIFA World Club Cup.

So here are the dates:
Quarterfinals - March 11-13, March 18-20
Semifinals - April 1-3, April 8-10
Finals - April 22-24, April 29-May 1

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