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2007 MLS Attendance numbers updated - Part 3

(edit - full season numbers here)

Since it has been about six weeks since I last looked at the attendance numbers for the league, I thought it was about time to do so. So far 1,748,856 fans have attended matches this season for an average of 14,947 per game. Here is how the numbers break down by team:

Home Attendance
TeamHGTotalAvgBest vsWorst vsHR
LA8180,68422,58627,000 CV 4/2819,225 RSL 6/173-3-2
TFC9180,76220,08520,522 LA 8/0519,123 HD 5/164-4-1
DC8141,77217,722 22,358 KC 4/1412,908 NE 5/035-1-2
RSL9143,34115,92718,678 FCD 4/0713,003 HD 8/042-4-3
CR9134,33014,92618,458 LA 5/2610,719 HD 5/052-3-4
CF10146,85014,68520,407 CV 6/0910,115 CC 6/033-3-4
FCD8117,44814,68120,500 CR 4/229,165 NE 4/295-2-1
HD10144,16614,41718,232 NE 5/1911,114 TFC 7/156-2-2
NE10142,96314,29622,412 CC 6/169,508 CF 5/064-2-4
CV791,09213,01327,000 LA 4/288,756 FCD 5/266-0-1
CC10126,97612,69814,203 RSL 7/0710,254 KC 6/205-1-4
NY9103,62811,51415,546 KC 6/167,802 CR 5/135-3-1
KC1094,8449,48413,875 NY 6/027,426 CC 5/055-3-2
HG: Number of Home Games, HR: Home Record

Home Capacity
TeamAvg AttendCapacityAvg % of CapStadium Type
SSS: Soccer Specific Stadium, CS: College Stadium, NFL: NFL Stadium

Since looking at these numbers last, all but five teams have seen their average home gate numbers decline. Those on the up side of things are Chicago (+893), New York (+785), Colorado (+358), Toronto (+97) and DC (+82).

For the teams that dropped, most of them lose around 500 a match, but I am most concerned about what is happening with New England and Chivas.

The Revs saw their average numbers fall 1,593 per match. Since a lot of their early success was based off double-headers, this lower number seems to be closer to the actual number of fans who show up for a game.

Chivas, who has the best home record in the league, continue to see their numbers fall as they dropped over 1,357 folks per game passing through the gates. However, they have only had two additional home games since my last update, so it might just be a freak moment that will correct later.

As I have said every time I've looked at these numbers, Toronto is just amazing. If only they didn't play on the funny turf, the stadium would probably stand as the best place to see a match in the US or Canada.

In the capacity race, everyone stayed close to where they had been except for DC United, but that has to due to a change in their capacity number. Back when I first posted capacity a very helpful comment was left telling me the number was closer to 46k instead of the 56k number I was using, however, I could not find confirmation of that number anywhere until United put out a press release saying all 45,000+ seats had been sold for Thursday's match against LA. From that I was able to find the 45,016 number.

Road Attendance
TeamAGTotal Att.AvgAR
AG: Number of Away Games, AR: Away Record

This chart doesn't tell us a lot but it does point out just how different things are for Chivas and Toronto. At home TFC is a force but they continue to sag on the road while Chivas does much better in different markets then their own. Not a huge surprise as Chivas gets fans of their main club whenever they travel.

One last thing, it will be interesting to see just how much LA's numbers jump once they start hitting the big stadiums with Beckham.

Update: In the comments, someone asked about how these numbers compare to the USL. I looked around for these numbers but could not locate it, however I did find the numbers thanks to Lucas over at Nerdword. His numbers are up to date as of the 5th of August.

Here are the numbers:
Montreal Impact - 10,806
Rochester Raging Rhinos - 8,899
Portland Timbers - 5,711
Vancouver Whitecaps - 5,209
Carolina RailHawks - 4,934
Puerto Rico Islanders - 4,571
Charleston Battery - 3,937
Seattle Sounders - 3,244
Minnesota Thunder - 3,006
Atlanta Silverbacks - 2,476
California Victory - 1,073
Miami FC - 862

Montreal, if they were in MLS, would sit next to bottom between New York and Kansas City while Rochester would be just off the KC mark. The number that stands out most to me is Atlanta. I thought their numbers would be a bit better. Also, Miami FC looks to be in a dangerous place in their second year.

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Anonymous Sean PHHS said...

How do those numbers compare to say, Rochester? Just out of curiousity as I have always wondered why a team with a soccer specific stadium, a strong local fanbase, and a decent history doesn't even get consideration for an MLS slot.

4:31 PM  
Blogger CACuzcatlan said...

20,500 isn't the regular capacity for BMO Field. The capacity is 20,195 for regular games. 20,500 was with added seats for the Galaxy game.

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Atlanta's new stadium only holds like 3,000 so that number isn't too weird.

7:18 AM  
Blogger ERic said...

Loving the USL1 numbers, to be honest. Nice to see solid figures for all teams except Miami.

Actually, I'd be a little concerned wiht California's numbers as well. Low for a first year team, and with the Quakes coming back, they're going to struggle even more for attention and numbers. Still, this looks like a more stable league than I've seen for some time. Loving those Portland, Vancouver, Carolina and Puero Rico numbers.

Still think Charleston should be doing better, and it sucks that Rochester's doing so much worse than in their previous (baseball) stadium.

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Zac said...

Where did you get your attendance figures from?

9:53 AM  
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