Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Racist chants made against DaMarcus Beasley

In yet another disgusting display of human behavior at a soccer match, American midfielder DaMarcus Beasley and his teammate Jean-Claude Darcheville were the recipients of racist chants against them during their 1-0 win against FK Zeta. The so-called fans of the game made 'monkey chants' to taunt the two players.
"It happened to me a few years ago when PSV played Red Star in Belgrade, and I can't believe racist abuse is still in football," Beasley was quoted as saying on Rangers' Web site. "People can come to a match and jeer, but the racist thing just has to get out of football."
"It sickens to hear these chants, but when you are on the pitch, you have to try to blank it out," Beasley was quoted as saying. "It degrades the game for everyone. I will discuss the situation with Rangers because I feel strongly about it, and we will decide if we should file a complaint.
Hopefully UEFA will investigate and if Zeta is found guilty, punish the club harshly.

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Blogger Keith said...

UEFA is already looking into it.

It's a terrible thing to hear this. It's especially amazing how ingrained it is in eastern European Ultras culture (especially since they're the most colorful and have the best matchday displays).


6:21 PM  

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