Wednesday, June 20, 2007

2007 MLS Attendance numbers updated - Part 2

(edit - full season numbers here.)

It has been about three weeks since I looked at the 2007 MLS attendance numbers so I thought, 'why not revisit them.' So far this year 1,106,478 fans have attended games for an average of 15,368 per match. Anyway, here are the numbers by team:

Home Attendance
TeamHGTotalAvgBest vsWorst vsHR
LA5113,60522,72127,000 CV 4/2819,225 RSL 6/172-2-1
TFC7139,91819,98820,195 CR 6/0219,123 HD 5/164-3-0
DC6105,83817,640 22,358 KC 4/1412,908 NE 5/034-1-1
RSL580,07516,01518,678 FCD 4/0714,173 CR 4/300-2-3
NE579,44415,88922,412 CC 6/169,508 CF 5/062-1-2
FCD574,96814,994 20,500 CR 4/229,165 NE 4/293-2-0
HD689,76314,96118,232 NE 5/1912,017 CR 6/073-2-1
CR687,40814,56818,458 LA 5/2610,719 HD 5/052-1-3
CV571,85014,37027,000 LA 4/288,756 FCD 5/264-0-1
CF682,75213,79220,407 CV 6/0910,115 CC 6/033-2-1
CC677,60512,93413,782 NY 4/0711,755 TFC 5/261-1-4
NY664,37210,72915,546 KC 6/167,802 CR 5/134-1-1
KC438,8809,72013,875 NY 6/027,426 CC 5/053-1-0
HG: Number of Home Games, HR: Home Record

Home Capacity
TeamAvg AttendCapacityAvg % of CapStadium Type
SSS: Soccer Specific Stadium, CS: College Stadium, NFL: NFL Stadium

Looking at these numbers compared to the ones three weeks ago a couple things pop out. First, New York and Kansas City might still be lurking at the bottom but their numbers have stepped up. Could it be people in these areas are starting to realize they have a good team to support? If so, this could be a big hit for Kansas City since they still have 11 home games this year.

The numbers from Toronto are outstanding. Any team that can reach the 90% mark is doing a wonderful job so what they have is really special.

New England's numbers are looking better but much of that has to do with piggy backing on other matches (such as Saturday's Gold Cup US-Panama outing). In games were the Revs were the only game of the day, their average attendance is 12,846.

Houston has seen their numbers drop but a big part of that was due with their Thursday (6/07) match which was up against a US match. Bad news for them, they are hosting another Thursday night match this week at the exact time of the second Gold Cup semi-final game (Mexico-Guadalupe). Perhaps that is way they are stressing that there will be four huge screens in the parking lot to view the Gold Cup games.

The biggest surprise of all is Chivas USA who has ridiculously low numbers even though they have the best home record of any MLS club. If you take away their 27,000 figure from the LA game, they would sit third from the bottom at 11,213.

Road Attendance
AG: Number of Away Games, AR: Away Record

Two things jump out at me with these numbers. First is how much better Chivas is received on the road. Not a big surprise but still interesting. Second is just how poorly a draw Toronto is. To be fair, they have not had any road games since I last did this list, so most of those games were before the team started winning. They are about to go on a six game road trip so we will soon see if they can reverse this trend.

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Blogger Fullback said...

Is it just me or do those numbers for LA seem high? I'm wondering how inflated they are by season ticketholders who only bought tickets for the second half of the season and Beckham Mania but won't show up till he does.

7:01 PM  
Anonymous TheSchwab said...

These numbers are encouraging, thanks for putting them together.

Im a huge Hockey and Soccer fan (so NHL and MLS), and im always worried about attendance. Im glad to see over half the league has SS stadiums and that those are all over 50% - but they can do better. Soccer is growing (ty cause is such a great sport) and hopefully the trend continues. I still think the MLS needs to concentrate on expanding/relocating to more soccer-important areas. The move to Toronto was genius.. but lets face it Kansas City isnt a huge sports town anyways and plus its in the middle of NASCAR nation and such (yuck). But go MLS its a great league and things are getting better.

12:54 PM  
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