Wednesday, July 11, 2007

US Women name partial World Cup roster

Greg Ryan has named 18 of the 21 players he will take to the 2007 Women's World Cup this September in China. Ryan did not have to turn in his roster at this time but he felt that he owed it to the players to let them know where they stood.

“We named the 18 now because we’ve been in Residency Camp two years in a row, we’ve spent two years together and we know these players inside out,” said Ryan, who will coach in his first FIFA Women’s World Cup. “These 18 have earned the right to be on this World Cup Team. We want to remove the stress from trying out and just say, ‘you guys are the ones, you’re in, let’s get after it.’”

This group will be lead by the always fantastic Kristine Lilly who will compete in her fifth World Cup. During those years, she has played in all 24 World Cup matches the US has been a part of and has started 23 of them.

The list does not hold any big surprises but it is interesting that even though 10 of these players will be in their first World Cup, the average age for the team is still 27.

You can catch the women this Saturday when they play Norway in Connecticut at 6pm ET (live on ESPN2).

Here is the roster:
Players Pos. Hometown College Caps/Goals
Barnhart, Nicole GK Gilbertsville, Pa. Stanford 3/0
Boxx, Shannon M Redondo Beach, Calif. Notre Dame 66/14
Chalupny, Lori M St. Louis, Mo. UNC 40/4
Ellertson, Tina D Vancouver, Wash. Washington 22/0
Jobson, Marci M St. Charles, Ill. SMU 14/0
Lilly, Kristine F Wlton, Conn. UNC 327/123
Lloyd, Carli M Delran, N.J. Rutgers 32/5
Lopez, Stephanie D Elk Grove, Calif. Portland 20/0
Markgraf, Kate D Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Notre Dame 159/0
O'Reilly, Heather F East Brunswick, N.J. UNC 61/10
Osborne, Leslie M Brookfield, Wisc. Santa Clara 40/2
Rampone, Chrstie D Point Pleasant, N.J. Monmouth 164/4
Scurry, Brianna GK Dayton, Minn. UMass 162/0
Solo, Hope GK Richland, Wash. Washington 44/0
Tarpley, Lindsay F Kalamazoo, Mich. UNC 69/15
Wagner, Aly M San Jose, Calif. Santa Clara 112/21
Wambach, Abby F Rochester, N.Y. Florida 92/74
Whitehill, Cat D Birmingham, Ala. UNC 110/11

GOALKEEPERS (3): Nicole Barnhart (Gilbertsville, Pa.), Briana Scurry (Dayton, Minn.), Hope Solo (Richland, Wash.);
DEFENDERS (5): Tina Ellertson (Vancouver, Wash.), Stephanie Lopez (Elk Grove, Calif.), Kate Markgraf (Bloomfield Hills, Mich.), Christie Rampone (Point Pleasant, N.J.), Cat Whitehill (Birmingham, Ala.);
MIDFIELDERS (6): Shannon Boxx (Redondo Beach, Calif.), Lori Chalupny (St. Louis, Mo.), Marci Jobson (St. Charles, Ill.), Carli Lloyd (Delran, N.J.), Leslie Osborne (Brookfield, Wis.), Aly Wagner (San Jose, Calif.);
FORWARDS (4): Kristine Lilly (Wilton, Conn.), Heather O’Reilly (East Brunswick, N.J.), Lindsay Tarpley (Kalamazoo, Mich.), Abby Wambach (Rochester, N.Y.).

GOALKEEPERS (3): Nicole Barnhart (2007), Briana Scurry (1995, 1999, 2003, 2007), Hope Solo (2007);
DEFENDERS (5): Tina Ellertson (2007), Stephanie Lopez (2007), Kate Markgraf (1999, 2003, 2007), Christie Rampone (1999, 2003, 2007), Cat Whitehill (2003, 2007);
MIDFIELDERS (6): Shannon Boxx (2003, 2007), Lori Chalupny (2007), Marci Jobson (2007), Carli Lloyd (2007), Leslie Osborne (2007), Aly Wagner (2003, 2007);
FORWARDS (4): Kristine Lilly (1991, 1995, 1999, 2003, 2007), Heather O’Reilly (2007), Lindsay Tarpley (2007), Abby Wambach (2003, 2007).

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