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2007 MLS Week 14 Recap or Cobi Jones roars!

The busiest week of the MLS calendar is over and what do we have? The Eastern conference is in gridlock as five of the seven teams are within 2 points of first place while the West seems to be the domain of Texas. This bunching up in the East should make for a very interesting second half of the season as anyone could end up anywhere. In the West the question at this point seems to be who will put together a show that's just good enough to limp into the third place spot.

In inter-conference play, the West has woken up from their early season slump and has made something out of the matches as both this week and last week ended in equal bragging rights between the two.

However, there is an issue that is popping up more then it use to as ties are becoming much more common along with lower goal totals. Is this a momentary hitch caused by the warm, humid weather or is the league frightening?

Anyway, here is the league by numbers 97 games into the season (I included week 13 because I did not do a recap last week):
SeasonWeek 13Week 14
Att per game15,08211,57415,985
Goals per game2.6081.6662
Inter-conferenceEast 17-13-12Tie 1-1-1Tie 3-3-3
Ties25 (25.8%)3 (50.0%)4 (33.3%)

Chivas USA 1-1 New England Revolution
The goalkeeping work of Preston Burpo for Chivas was outstanding. He made big save after big save and gave Chivas a rear gem called the road point. The Revs had the majority of the good chances but Chvias still held their own. They were connecting passes and being aggressive in attack, however, if Burpo would have been a little off his game, they would have walked out with nothing.
Goals: CV Claudio Suarez (2) 5'
NE: Andy Dorman (6) 64'

Real Salt Lake 0-2 Columbus Crew
Who would have thought that the two teams with the most ties in the MLS would not end up tied on a weekend when a third of all matches ended in ties. Columbus dominated this game but could not get goals till late. Not the very late goals that Real normally surrenders, just late goals.
Goals: CC: Guillermo Barros Schelotto (2) pk 76', Eddie Gaven (2) 80'

Toronto FC 1-1 Chicago Fire
This one has to sting any Fire fans out there. The team didn't look that great, but they were able to get a good call for a pk and take the lead with 20 minutes to play. The goal excited the crowd and picked up the team. They were making better passes and putting things together ... for about 8 minutes. That's when Marvell Wynne snuck the perfect pass behind the Fire defense and into Maurice Edu's path for a goal. Chicago had some good build-ups after that point, but could not come anywhere close to finishing them.
Goals: CF: Chad Barrett (4) pk 70'
TFC: Maurice Edu (3) 78'

Kansas City Wizards 2-2 Los Angeles Galaxy
Neither of these teams should be overly excited about the way this game played out as KC had a two goal lead at one point while LA had a number of chances late to get the win. That said, what a night for Cobi Jones. Who knows how many of these types of games he has left in him, but he was truly outstanding. The Wizards have to be feeling some rejection that their backline could let so much go, while LA actually showed some rallying skill.
Goals: KC: Yura Movsisyan (4) 47', Davy Arnaud (3) 51'
LA: Cobi Jones (3) 61', (4) 75'

New York Red Bulls 1-0 Colorado Rapids
New York lucked their way into a win to end their slid and recapture the top spot in the East. The Rapids attacked like crazy but didn't really make and chances. Their midfield looked the best it has in a long time but they couldn't do anything in the final third. New York was able to absorb, something their defense didn't do at all in Houston, and make a few class clearances to keep their sheet clean.
Goal: NY John Wolyniec (2) 19'

DC United 0-1 Houston Dynamo
Houston takes the top spot in the West for the first time with yet another shutout. They have now gone 515-minutes without allowing a goal. United had some great chances at ending that streak, but with Onstad was there, the shot was off target or the frame got in the way. Both side had chances and both sides showed some great ball control, but in the end, the luck went to the men in orange.
Goal: HD: Brian Ching (4) 33'

So that is week 14 in a quick summary statement.

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Blogger George said...

With the new playoff step up, doesn't it not matter who is number 3 in the west, but instead who in the west can become number 5-8 in the entire league?

Great Blog, keep it going.

8:34 PM  
Blogger Mike H said...


You are right about the 5-8 placing. When I wrote about the third spot in the West, I was assuming that the sixth place team in the East could not be better then the third in the West. It could happen, but with the number of intra-conference games taking place and points available, it would take a very odd set of circumstances for it to happen.

However, the way the West looks at the moment, perhaps this is not such a difficult outcome after all.

Thanks for reading.

10:28 AM  

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