Tuesday, July 10, 2007

2007 MLS Week 14 Power Ratings

After a week off, I'm ready to rate some MLS clubs. For only the second time this season, a Western Conference team sits on the high perch of the ratings. The Houston Dynamo are the class of the league at the moment, but sadly, most of the rest of the West is lacking.

Anyway, here are the ratings:

1. Houston Dynamo - Their defense is stunning teams while their offense provides the knockout blow. They are still a little inconsistent up top and at times they need some luck, but eight games without a loss says it all. If Ching or DeRo get hot, they could really start destroying teams.

2. DC United - United might have only got three points from their two road games, but they should be happy with their play. They are finding good lanes of attack and have a wonderful keeper between the posts. There is still something missing in their midfield that keeps everything from linking just right, but even without it, they are a threat.

3. FC Dallas - FCD is an interesting team. They always seem a little off balance in every position, but they make it work. It has a lot to do with fantastic goaltending but their defense is slowly becoming one of the best in the league (did I really just say that about Dallas?) and they always seem to find a way to get a goal. They don't get a lot of respect but they do find a way to get points. However, the month of August is coming on soon and that has never been a kind one to FCD.

4. New York Red Bull - It has been a rough few weeks for the Bulls as their defense problems are causing them fits. Add that to the effects of age and the lack of Jozy to pull defenders in his direction and you have the current Red Bulls.

5. New England Revolution - They are slumping, but they are doing it with a number of ties. Their offense and defense are never good on the same night which negates the work of the other.

6. Columbus Crew - Could Columbus be the shock of the season? Ever since they came from behind to tie New England a month ago, they have been a different club. Their defense is not making the silly mistakes, the midfield is controlling and they are actually finding goals up top. If they can get something out of Chivas in LA this weekend, we will know the Crew is reborn.

7. Toronto FC - Has TFC killed the road curse? A win against Real and a tie against Chicago are nice but until they get a result against a non-sad sack side, I'm not ready to call it. If they can get something against Houston this weekend, I'll believe the bad is gone.

8. Chivas USA - A surprise result on the road in New England shows that this team can play outside the LA area. If they can hold this direction, they could very easily find a playoff spot, but it will take more then one road point to prove it.

9. Kansas City Wizards - Everything that was working for them during the first couple months has turned against them in the second couple. The goals are not coming and their defense is not holding. Perhaps with Eddie Johnson back in the starting lineup, they will have more room to make things happen, but at this point it looks like a repeat of 2006 just waiting to happen.

10. Los Angeles Galaxy - The Galaxy have yanked themselves up from the mud to actually play a few games. With their offense coming back and a great keeper, combined with a sloppy West, they might have a chance of capturing something this year.

11. Colorado Rapids - Hi, we are the Rapids and we don't like to score goals. We find it seems to excite the crowd and that is the antithesis of the game we like to play. If you are looking for some boring soccer matches, look no further then our outstanding stadium. For more information, contact coach Fernando Clavijo (please contact him soon because he might just be, um, wanting to spend more time with his family?).

12. Chicago Fire - Chicago can build up attacks all day but they never finish them. They play a great game in 75% of the pitch but it doesn't matter if you can't do something in the final quarter. They need a striker in a bad way. What a second, did I just review the US men's team?

13. Real Salt Lake - All that I saw in their win against DC has been forgotten. Dropping one at home to Toronto and then giving up the game against the Crew are proof of something and it is not a good thing. Maybe when Adu comes back, they will play him in the middle and see what happens. Why not?

Week fourteen is over and done.

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