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"Who makes the most in MLS?" Brought to you by Becks millions.

Major League Soccer's Players Union has released this year's salaries. It should come a no surprise that the team with the largest payroll is LA thanks to David Beckham, who is the top earner in the league.

Anyway, here are the team numbers:

TeamBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
1. Los Angeles Galaxy$8,056,188.83$9,179,948.56
2. New York Red Bulls$4,334,615.50$4,896,656.83
3. Chicago Fire$4,185,825.50$4,464,612.50
4. Kansas City Wizards$2,429,925.00$2,625,050.00
5. Real Salt Lake$2,168,437.25$2,602,531.00
6. Toronto FC$2,174,290.00$2,497,378.50
7. Colorado Rapids$2,322,113.75$2,431,763.75
8. FC Dallas$1,992,803.75$2,385,628.75
9. DC United$2,171,178.00$2,328,503.00
10. Houston Dynamo$2,184,349.00$2,260,349.00
11. New England Revolution$1,992,948.00$2,087,948.00
12. Columbus Crew$1,807,199.19$2,064,349.19
13. Chivas USA$1,757,875.08$1,893,125.08

Chivas USA has a very small payroll, but it is actually less then what is reflected in the chart now that $291,250 Amado Guevara has left the club.

Here are the top ten paid players in MLS:

PlayerTeam Guaranteed Compensation
1. David BeckhamLA$6,500,000
2. Cuauhtemoc BlancoChicago$2,666,778
3. Juan Pablo BlancoNY$1,593,750
4. Claudio ReynaNY$1,250,008
5. Landon DonovanLA$900,000
6. Eddie JohnsonKC$875,000
7. Freddy AduRSL$550,000
8. Carlos RuizFCD$435,000
9. Clint MathisNY$410,000
10. Taylor TwellmanNE$350,008

Again, no shock that Beckham is making the most. Actually, Becks will make more this season then the total salaries for Chivas USA, the Columbus Crew and the New England Revolution combined.

Now lets look at pay by position.

PlayerTeam Guaranteed Compensation
1. Cuauhtemoc BlancoChicago$2,666,778
2. Juan Pablo BlancoNY$1,593,750
3. Landon DonovanLA$900,000
4. Eddie JohnsonKC$875,000
5. Carlos RuizFCD$435,000

PlayerTeam Guaranteed Compensation
1. David BeckhamLA$6,500,000
2. Claudio ReynaNY$1,250,008
3. Freddy AduRSL$550,000
4. Clint MathisNY$410,000
5. Ronnie O'BrienTFC$258,750
Amado Guevara of Chivas was in fifth till he left the league.

PlayerTeam Guaranteed Compensation
1. Pablo MastroeniCR$298,000
2. Eddie PopeRSL$265,000
3. Greg VanneyCR$236,667
4. Jimmy ConradKC$206,000
5. Ivan GuerreroCF$187,500

PlayerTeam Guaranteed Compensation
1. Shaka HislopFCD$220,800
2. Ronald WaterreusNY$200,000
3. Joe CannonLA$192,000
4. Pat OnstadHD$168,000
5. Matt ReisNE$150,000

I guess if you want to get rich in MLS, being a goalie is not the way to do it. Interesting that Hislop is FCD's backup keeper. Their started Dario Sala earns almost half of what Hislop does at $119,875.

If you want the numbers for all the players, take a look here.

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In terms of $$$$$$s vs performance, could Hislop be the worst keeper in the history of the MLS?

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