Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Blatter worst geographer ever

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has made some more headlines, this time with his poor geography skills.

FIFA has been rotating the World Cup between all the continents since 2002 when Asia hosted their first games. Europe got 2006, Africa 2010 and South America 2014. So next up should be, um, let me think here, either Antarctica or North America. Since Antarctica doesn't have the money needed to pay off Jack Warner's family business, all eyes should be looking towards CONCACAF.

Well it turns out that all those books we read as kids were wrong as North and South America are the same continent according to Blatter. Who knew. Blatter now wants the 2018 Cup to return to Asia. Although every soccer lover in Australia and China must love this idea, it does seem a bit of an 'up yours' to CONCACAF.

One of the biggest problems with saying North and South America are one is the fact that CONCACAF countries were not invited to bid on the 2014 finals. If Blatter really feels this way, he should have said so about 4 years ago so Mexico, Canada and the USA would have had time to put something together. Changing the idea now is just moving the goal posts.

A lot has been made of Blatter's other statement, "But then for the time being the plan B is South Africa, and the plan C we definitely must have a possibility to go somewhere else, but it must be a natural catastrophe."

Some people think that this combined with the 2018 North American snub points to the idea of America hosting in 2010. South Africa is having some trouble getting up to steam, but Blatter also said that he would only move the finals if there was "a natural catastrophe or whatever, a big change in society — everybody against football." The second part of that sentence allows a lot of wiggle room, but I wonder if South Africa lost the 2010 Cup, would FIFA not look into giving them another chance in 2014.

So here is the wild theory of the day, FIFA moves 2010 to the US, awards 2014 to South Africa and 2018 to Asia. Under Blatter's new rules, North and South America got their finals in 2010, Africa gets theirs in 2014 and onward we go to Australia in 2018.

It sure is fun to speculate.

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Anonymous Denis González said...

I think that it's time that CONCACAF countries to organize a World Competition. Of course Mexica and USA have advantage over other countries, but anyway... there are more soccer fans in this two countries, too..

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mexico and america should'nt even be considered one contry is severly impoverished and has a drug and gang problem the other one isn't very well liked because of their paranoa and the conflicts that they create through out the world. south africa is the only option blatter needs to stop being a racist or he can take that cup and shove it.

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Cape Town 2010 Logo said...

Cape Town Launched its Host City 2010 logo as well, looks great actually!

11:39 AM  

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