Saturday, May 05, 2007

Clint Dempsey's biggest goal ever?

Fulham's fears of falling out of the Premiership might have all been erased thanks in huge part to the skill of American Clint Dempsey and his first ever Premiership goal.

The Cottagers needed a win to keep hope alive and even though Liverpool was playing their b-team, it was far from a sure thing. During the first half, Liverpool had the better of play, but once Dempsey was subbed in, the tide turned. Fulham was attacking and fellow American Brian McBride almost found net, but was denied. Dempsey would not have a similar problem.
(Goalkeeper Jose Reina) athletically punched clear Brian McBride's cross in the first half and after the break frustrated the American for a second time when he got to the ball before the Fulham striker.

But there was nothing Reina could do to stop Dempsey's shot.

The American started and finished the move, dissecting Liverpool's defense with a one-two with Liam Rosenior, before sweeping the ball past Reina.
Dempsey took the shot from the center of the penalty area and placed it perfectly in the lower left side of goal.

This win puts Fulham at 39 points, which just might be enough to keep them in the top league for another year. If Charlton Athletic fail to get a win Monday night against Tottenham, then Fulham are safe. Even if Charlton does get a win, Fulham will still be in a good spot as Athletic will face Liverpool in their final match. With Fulham currently up on goal difference, Charlton might need to beat Liverpool by two or more goals and have Fulham lose to Middlesbro'.

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