Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Anti-Real Stadium petition fails big time; next stop, the governor?

The people behind the petition regarding the use of county taxes to help build a new stadium for Real Salt Lake failed to reach the 91,966 signatures needed to put the issue on the ballot. In total, they only came up with 12,343 certified signatures.

This means Governor Jon Huntsman is free to release the money, however the same group "wants to ask Huntsman why it was OK for the state to spend county tax money. " They also, with good reason, take issue with the requirements to get issues on the ballot.

Since Huntsman was the driving force behind this deal, it is unlikely he will alter his stance. With such a low number of signatures to their petition, they really don't have the public backing to force his hand. That is unless they can get some major rallies happening.

The odds of this deal stopping now are next to none, so it looks like Real might just have their new home in time to play Real Madrid next July 4th.

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