Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lalas might loan out Beckham

So what do you do with the world's best-known player after your season is over? If you are Los Angeles Galaxy president Alexei Lalas, you loan him out.

"We would always consider any possibility that would either make the player better as a soccer player and a more valuable asset, or playing with another team on loan if we felt it made proper business sense."

Is this just Lalas making chatter or is this something he is actually thinking about?

For his part, coach Frank Yallop does not like the idea.

"It is a long season and a long pre-season. Players need that break. They will need to take a rest and I do not see any loan deal with David going anywhere"

No kidding is it a long season and, for Beckham, it has been a long couple of years with the 2005-06 season, World Cup, 2006-07 season and, soon, the 2007 summer MLS season. Add to it the exhaustingly large number of friendlies Lalas has setup and any long flights for national team call up and you have the makings of a big old burn out.

Then there is also the question of missing LA's pre and early season. With all odds a team would want any loan to last till the end of their season, which for Europe would be May or early June. Obviously that means a number of MLS commitments would be missed.

One has got to hope this is just Lalas trying to take some attention away from his complaints over Beckham's national team call up because if he is serious, he is a fool.

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