Saturday, May 26, 2007

Beckham retruns to England squad

Those screams you hear coming from somewhere deep in MLS headquarters this morning might have something to do with word that David Beckham has been recalled to national team duty.

Coach Steve McClaren reversed the biggest decision of his short and troubled tenure as boss and brought Becks back into the fold for a friendly against Brazil and a Euro 2008 qualifier against Estonia.

So why would this so many at MLS cry out in fear? Because England plays a number of matches during September and October and if Beckham is playing over there, he will miss his dates with several MLS clubs. The dates he might just miss include a Sept. 8th match at home against Colorado, a Sept. 13th match against Chvias USA (on ESPN2), an Oct. 13th game at home against Toronto and another home game on the 18th against New York (on ESPN2).

Oddly enough, all of these games are in LA, meaning that if this does happen, Beckham could play as few as four home MLS games during the regular season.

What do you think Alexi Lalas thinks of this?

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Blogger Jarrett said...

Two sides to every coin...

...on the other hand MLS and LA can point to his callups as fact that Beckham is not in fact a washed up / over the hill / former international footballer. It helps dispell the myth of MLS as a retirement league.

In some ways, this might be a good thing for MLS's profile here in the States and around the world, especially if Beckham's recall leads to Euro qualification.

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