Saturday, May 26, 2007

2007 Week 8 Quick Predictions via simple questions

Week 8 gives us games which should answer some simple questions or maybe confuse things even more. Anyway, here are some quick predictions for this holiday weekend.

Kansas City Wizards (4-2-1) vs. New England Revolution (5-1-2)
Saturday - 6:30pm
TV: Direct Kick
Internet: MLStv

The simple question for this match, is Kansas City for real or are they just doing so well due to their easy schedule? The Wizards need to get their offense reignited, but it will be mighty difficult against the Revs. If KC can do it, people might start to think they are actually a good team.
Predictions: Me KC 0-1 NE, Wife KC 0-2 NE

Toronto FC (2-5-0) vs. Columbus Crew (1-2-4)
Saturday - 7:30pm ET
Internet: MLStv

The questions here are can TFC do it on the road? Will Cunningham get a start even though he has yet to practice with his new team? And can the Crew finally show something in the final third with Andy Herron back? If there were an award for most improved club in May, Toronto would get it with ease while the Crew seems to be loosing what little cohesion they had in defense. A win on the road would give TFC some bona fides away from home while the Crew needs it to show they are not just a repeat of 2006.
Predictions: Me TFC 3-1 CC, Wife TFC 2-1 CC

Houston Dynamo (2-4-1) vs. DC United (2-3-1)
Saturday - 7:30pm ET

Can the Dynamo show anything on attack? At the start of the season I thought this game would be an important match but not for the reason it is today. I saw it as an early battle between conference leaders, not a chance for the sides to prove that they are not below average. United is looking good in the back and starting to find their wing play while Houston is very tight except when it comes to taking shots. With three players about to leave for Gold Cup duty, Dynamo will want to get a win here or June might prove to be longer then May.
Predictions: Me HD 1-2 DC, Wife HD 2-1 DC

LA Galaxy (1-2-2) vs. Colorado Rapids (3-2-3)
Saturday - 8:30pm ET
Internet: MLStv

Two big questions, will anyone other then Donovan actually start playing the game for LA and can the Rapids finally make their home into something to fear? Both these sides leave lots of space open which should provide many chances at goal. LA needs to get a full three more then the Rapids but Colorado is sitting on a plateau. Gomez will want to get some revenge on LA for the trade so expect to see some fun stuff from him.
Predictions: Me LA 1-2 CR, Wife LA 1-2 CR

FC Dallas (5-3-1) vs. Chivas USA (2-3-2)
Saturday - 10:30pm ET
TV: Fox Soccer Channel (30-minute pre and post game shows), FSE

Will Chivas continue to surrender any chances they have and if Dallas wins will people final see them as a strong team? Chivas has so much technical ability but they need about a dozen chances before they make teams pay. Dallas is sitting on top of the West with some good play under their belts yet they get no respect. FCD will give Chivas some chances but they will have a tough time beating Sala in goal, which should give their offense the time they need to knock a couple in. One last question, will Dallas finally get a clean sheet?
Predictions: Me FCD 3-1 Chivas, Wife FCD 3-0 Chivas

Real Salt Lake (0-3-4) vs. Chicago Fire (3-4-1)
Sunday - 5:00pm ET
TV: TeleFutura (Spanish)

Will one of these teams finally get a win in the month of May? Kreis is trying to make over Real but there is a lot of ugly to fix while Chicago seems to be making more ugly with every game. Making it harder for Chicago, just about half their starters have some sort of injury. This could be a wide-open match or a dead, dead, dead one. I'm going to guess there will be a few fireworks, but in the end nothing that amazing.
Predictions: Me RSL 1-1 CF, Wife RSL 0-1 CF

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Blogger M said...

As a Wizards fan I'm not too optimistic about tonight. Jimmy Conrad is out, and the rumor is that Nick Garcia and Jose Burciaga are also out for tonight's match meaning our only regular starting defender is the converted midfielder, Jack Jewsbury.

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