Friday, May 25, 2007

San Jose Earthquakes reborn as the "Goggle Earthquakes"?

Public discloser laws have opened up some e-mails sent by Lew Wolff, the man behind the push to return the Earthquakes to MLS, and they have revealed many interesting tidbits.

The biggest tidbit of all might just be a possible name change as Wolff refers to re-launching the team as the "Goggle Earthquakes." It is obvious that google is misspelled but it is not know if that was done by accident or if Wolff actually has some sort of deal with the company or maybe he just really likes protective eyeware. Could it be that San Jose will become another Red Bull New York?

Wolff is also trying to get MLS to approval the creation of the team before he has secured a new stadium. The lack of a stadium was the reason the old 'Quakes moved to Houston in the first place and was one of the major conditions the league placed on Wolff so I find it hard to believe they would budge on something so important, but it looks like the league might just do so. If and when Wolff does get the team, the owners of the San Jose Sharks have agreed to buy 25% of it.

The major hang-up for a stadium deal is funding. Wolff wants to use money made off the rezone of industrial land to build it, however he fears that with all the taxes involved, he would not make enough on this venture to cover the expense. He tried to come up with a way for the city to cancel the tax, but the city council told him that any such step would result in a ballot measure, which he wants to avoid at all costs.

However, his advisors now say they have "come up with an alternative solution that doesn't involve the city and avoids the tax liability as well as a public vote."

Wolff has given the city council till June 12 to approve a rezoning proposal or he will move his search out of San Jose.

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Blogger Mr. Fish said...

Seems like Wolff will have to put his beer GOGGLES on if he wants to build his stadium...

10:33 AM  
Blogger Fullback said...

Why not just go with "Googlequakes"? Utterly ridiculous plus there would be branding opportunities for toys and possibly kids' cereals. MLS seems so intent on marketing the league as family friendly that this would be right up their G-rated alley.

8:33 PM  

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