Friday, May 25, 2007

Chicago 0-3 New York quick recap

New York loves Juan Pablo Angel.

Angel was key to all three goals and was the constant thorn in the Fire's defense. Heck, he is so well licked, Clint Mathis is even willing to take a supporting role as he dropped back into the midfield to start some plays and give New York's defense some extra support.

Which brings me to the one weak part for the Bulls on the night, their defense. Now weak is a relative term as they did manage to keep a clean sheet, but Chicago did have some huge opportunities. The great news for the Reds was the Fire's fantastic failure to make anything of all their chances. Again and again they had poor first touches or did not give support in the box, thus leaving one man to try and make a meal out of scraps.

Had New York not gone up 2-0 early, they might have played a tighter back, but it is still their one weak spot. Actually, it is one of two weak spots as the other is the lack of fan support. Yet again the club saw less then 10,000 fans make it out to the game. Those that were there were into it and made the stadium seem fuller then it was, but come on New York soccer fans, you finally have a team worth cheering for so go do it.

By the way, I thought this was ESPN's best broadcast to date. Not only was the flying camera a nice piece of TV, but having just two commentators in the booth was so much better. You could actually follow that game because most of what they said was related to what was happening on the pitch. It also looks like Eric Wynalda's 'Red/Yellow card' segment is no more as it has been two weeks without it. This could have been something interesting, but instead it became ridiculous real fast.

That said, why is it that the only thing ESPN has on the crawl for MLS is their power rankings? Why not add information such as standings, goal leaders, goaltenders per game average, injury report, team news such as trades, yellow card totals or other such information? It just seems to me that you have a soccer audience watching, maybe you should increase your soccer information at the bottom of the screen.

Also, why don't they preview any of the weekend's match-ups? It seems like it could make a real nice 3-5 minute piece during halftime.

Anyway, back to the game, with the win New York moves up to top of the East with New England while Chicago wonders why the month of May hates them so much.
Goals: NY: Jozy Altidore (3) 1', Juan Pablo Angel (2) 3', (3) 68'

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Blogger pate said...

I don't think we'll see ESPN do game previews until they cover some weekend games. Until then, I think they'd see it as selling other channels.

They sure could use something other than power rankings in the crawl though.

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