Tuesday, May 29, 2007

2007 MLS Week 8 Recap by the numbers

It would be foolish to do a recap of the weekend on a Tuesday, so instead, I'll just give some numbers. Wow, was Eddie Johnson on his game in New England as he earned not just his first MLS hat trick but also the first hat trick of the season. This was the EJ we have all been waiting for, but had not really seen since his time with FC Dallas. Let's just hope he continues in this form for both KC and the USA.

By the way, Johnson has already scored more goals this season (6) then he did in 2006 (2) or 2005 (5). In fact the only year were he has scored more goals then is current total was 2004 when he found net 12 times. He is also making the most of his chances as 64.3% of his shots are on goal (18 of 28) compared to 44.7% in 2006, 40% in 2005 and 42.7% in 2004.

The match between New England and Kansas City saw the most combined goals scored (7) in a MLS match this season, beating out KC's 4-2 win over DC and New York's 3-3 tie with Salt Lake. Four goals also tie KC with New York, Chivas and New England for the most goals scored in a single team in a MLS match this season.

One last bit of note, all MLS clubs have now tied at least one match as Toronto FC earned their first share of the points against the kind of ties Columbus.

Anyway, here is the league by numbers 53 games into the season:
SeasonWeek 8
Att per game14,89913,222
Goals per game2.552.857
Inter-conferenceEast 10-5-6East 1-0-1
Ties14 (26.4%)2 (28.6%)

Update: The wife pointed out that I forgot a set of numbers in the form of our predictions. Week 8 was kind to me as I went 3-3 on the weeknd and 4-3 for the week. The wife had a bit of an off week as she went 2-5. This up tick for me ties us for the season:
Wife: 19-34

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