Saturday, April 28, 2007

2007 MLS Weekend 4 Predictions

Here is a quick, quick preview of all the games this weekend.

Kansas City Wizards (2-1-0) vs. Toronto FC (0-3-0)*
If there was ever a side that needed a home match, Toronto FC is the one. The Wizards picked them apart on Wednesday night, but this should provide an opening for TFC. If they can step up their backline a bit and find some additional attack, they might make it happen. In the end, I think it will get them a goal, but not a win.
Predictions: Me KC 2-1 TFC, Wife KC 1-0 TFC

DC United (0-2-0) vs. Columbus Crew (0-0-3)
Saturday - 7:30pm ET
TV: Direct Kick
Internet: MLStv

It is silly to say that DC is in a do or die situation this early in the season, however they really do need to walk away with at least a point. They've had two weeks to solve their defensive problems and if they are not able to do much better against a Andy Herron free Crew, then it is hard to see how they will ever get better. The Crew, on the other hand, has proven that they know how to get the needed goals, but can they do it with so little offense up top? Set pieces are their big hope, but I don't think they will have enough.
Predictions: Me DC 1-0 CC, Wife DC 1-0 CC

Chivas USA (2-1-0) vs. Los Angeles Galaxy (0-1-1)
Saturday - 10:30pm ET
TV: Fox Soccer Channel (10pm pre-game plus 30-minute post), FSE

Much like DC, it is difficult to call the third game of the season a life or death match, however it is more of one for LA then DC. After this match, LA has another two-weeks off before they play a MLS game (they play a US Open match on 5/08). If they do not get points from this game, they will have to sit threw two more weeks of wondering 'what are we doing so wrong?' That can really kill a team, which is one of the reasons this will be the best game of the weekend. Anyway, unlike DC, LA's problems are found just about everywhere on the pitch except for in goal. With so many road games late in the season, LA needs to get some points now. Meanwhile, Chivas is looking like a real competitor. They have great technical talent and wonderful control, but can they make it happen two weeks in a row?
Predictions: Me Chivas 2-0 LA, Wife Chivas 0-2 LA

New England Revolution (1-1-1) vs. FC Dallas (2-2-1)
Sunday - 3:00pm ET
TV: Telefutura

FC Dallas's quest to be the first team to finish their season continues this Sunday as they play their sixth match of the young season. On Thursday they were shutdown like never before by a New York defense that found ways of being everywhere and everything all the time. Carlos Ruiz is not in good form and Kenny Cooper still is not using his size to really force advantages. The strangest thing of all for FCD on Thursday was their defense; it actually worked. Had their backline not held together so well, the Red Bulls would not have won by just one. If they can keep that together and find someone actually working against a much easier New England defense, they will win. By the way, I'm still not sure where the Revs are going to find goals, but Matt Reis should provide enough control in the nets to keep them in it till late.
Predictions: Me NE 0-1 FCD, Wife NE 1-2 FCD

Chicago Fire (2-0-1) vs. Houston Dynamo (1-1-1)
Sunday - 7:00pm ET
TV: Direct Kick
Internet: MLStv

Houston was picked to pieces last weekend and looked nothing like the team we all expect. Other then Pat Onstad and Ricardo Clark, there really was no good play on the pitch. The good news is Clark, when he is on, is one of the best mids in the league as is Onstad in goal, so they can make a horrible team look passing. If Houston can add a little help from the likes of Ching and Dwayne De Rosario and maybe get Paul Dalglish and Eddie Robinson to wake up from their walking comas, they should be able to handle the Fire. Chicago would do best to go right at Robinson and De Rosario. Their touches have been horrible. If they can keep them from settling, they might get a good road win.
Predictions: Me CF 0-1 HD, Wife CF 1-2 HD

* Due to some technical problems on my end, I am posting this after the Toronto FC match has been played, however I have yet to watch the game.

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