Tuesday, May 08, 2007

City of Houston wants to keep the Dynamo local

The Houston Dynamo might just do something very rare in MLS and play in a soccer specific stadium within the city after which they are named.

The City of Houston has stepped up their efforts to keep the Dynamo in town by offering part of a parking lot near the Houston Astros' baseball stadium. The space is owned by the Houston Sports Authority and is leased by the Astros, however the team would be happy to work out a solution.

Both the Dynamo's president Oliver Luck and Houston Mayor Bill White suggest that negotiations are far along, but still a long way from being complete.

"I can't handicap it right now," said Mayor White.

"It's the equivalent of a 65th minute in a 90 minute soccer game," said Luck.

"It's sixth inning of a nine inning game," said Mayor White.

Just looking at this from a location standpoint, this would be fantastic. Having teams play in their city is an idea I've always supported. That said, I have no idea about funding, expansion or practice field issues, so who knows just how great this is.

The article notes that a final decision is still weeks away and that Sugar Land is the other city at which the Dynamo is looking.

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