Monday, April 16, 2007

World Cup 2010, 2014 news

Amid fears of slow movement on the construction side of things, the 2010 Local Organizing Committee has said that the 'nine cities hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup are ahead of schedule.' However, they did point to Cape Town as a site that has faced some 'hiccups' such as legal issues dealing with the environmental effects of the new stadium.

But there is a new reason coming to life for taking the finals away from South Africa and it has nothing to do with stadiums. Instead some are pointing to South African President Mbeki's closeness with Zimbabwe's President Mugabe as reason enough to move the tournament.

They say:
By supporting and sustaining the holocaust unfolding in Zimbabwe, the Government has aligned itself with the ranks of evil. It is one thing to refuse to intervene when cruelty is rife in a neighbouring country, quite another to fuel it with sympathetic words, pathetic policies and required resources. President Mbeki has repeatedly defended his friend in Zimbabwe at international meetings and before his electorate.

Doubtless he is protecting his left flank, but his refusal to condemn Mugabe's murderous regime and willingness to supply it with free electricity, fuel and food used for political purposes paints him as either a knave or a fool. At best he has fallen under the spell of a cunning man prepared to kill every enemy and to destroy the country in his charge in order to sustain his invidious regime.

It will be interesting to see if this picks up any momentum.

But this is not the only blow to hit the 2010 committee today as Ghana football star and South Africa 2010 ambassador Abedi Pele has been hit with match-fixing claims. This Pele, not to be confused with his namesake Pele of Brazil, has been one of the faces of the finals. If these allegations are true, it might call into question just how deeply was Pele involved in the 2010 planning and did he get anything from it.

Looking ahead to 2014, Brazil have made it official that they want the 2014 World Cup. They turned in their bid on Friday. The government of Brazil must provide a series of regulatory guarantees before a July deadline

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