Monday, October 09, 2006

US-Mexico the saga continues

Klinsmann story updated here.

Without a doubt, the biggest rivalry in CONCACAF is between the US and Mexico. These two teams are the big dogs, so it is only fitting that they are now fighting with each other over a certain German born, would be coach.

An adviser to Juergen Klinsmann has said that he has received 'serious' offers from both the US and Mexico to coach their national teams. However, the adviser also said that Klinsmann has not decided if he even wants to return to the sidelines.

With all the talk linking Klinsmann to the US position, if he were to go with Mexico, that would be seen as a major loss for USSF. In fact, if Klinsmann is not the coach, Sunil Gulati needs to start killing the story soon or else everyone is going to ask 'Why not Klinsmann?' when the new coach is finally announced.

As far as the German going to Mexico, he would have a better national system in which to work, however, he might find it more resistant to change then the US. That said, Germany was not very open to change when he took over, but he forced it on them.

Let the talk continue.

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Blogger BetaMale said...

Gotta keep in mind, when he quit Germany he said that he was burned out from being in the spotlight. If he takes the Mexico job, he'll be under tight media scrutiny.

The US position is much less stressful.

12:05 AM  

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