Monday, October 09, 2006

Italy getting ready to move the goal posts again

All four Italian clubs involved in the match-fixing scandal might have their point penalties reduced this week.

According to Monday's Gazzetta dello Sport, Juventus stands to have its penalty reduced by five-to-eight points, Fiorentina by six-to-nine points, Lazio by four-to-six points and Milan two-to-four points.

The teams current punishment are as follows:

AC Million -8 points
Fiorentina -19 points
Junventus -17 points, relegated to Serie B
Lazio -11 points

These penalties already represent huge reductions in the original punishments, but the clubs are still not happy, so they continue to whine. Then again, why should they stop? Every time they complain some more, their penalties for completely compromising the game get reduced.

Even worse, this change is taking place in the middle of the season, meaning that other teams, you know the ones that did not cheat, cannot make the needed changes to deal with this.

"If it was done while the market was still open, teams could have been able to make provisions and reinforce themselves," Napoli owner De Laurentis said. "Doing it now would be against every type of consistency and fairness. But anything can happen in this world."

Napoli is currently tied for second in Serie B, with Junventus still in last place due to the penalty points. If Junventus gets their point reduction reduced, Napoli's race for Serie A promotion becomes much harder.

Finally, what will stop these teams from continuing to complain about the reductions after this round?

If Italy actually cared about the game, they would tell the squads to be happy with what they have and refuse to hear any more about it.


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