Friday, October 27, 2006

Klinsmann is 'interested' in the US coaching job

For almost four months, J├╝rgen Klinsmann has been very reluctant to discuss any future coaching jobs, saying that he needed some time off after the World Cup. However, his tone has changed.

Yesterday he made it official by say, "Absolutely I'm interested" in regards to taking over the coaching duties of the US men's team. He added that he had been in talks with US soccer president Sunil Gulati about the job.

"I've been in touch with Sunil and had several conversations, all very positive," he said. "Right now, I'm trying to do my homework, talking to people to find out more about how things work in the U.S."

Klinsmann was also asked about reports linking him to the coach of the Mexican team but he offered no comment.

Gulati has stressed that he wants the next coach 'to speak English and Spanish (or be willing to learn).' Klinsmann says his Spanish skills are limited, but he does speak fluent Italian. "I could pick it up quickly," he said.

Finally, he was asked if the next US coach needs to be an American as former coach Bruce Arena has stated. His response, "All I can say is that soccer is a global game, and when you deal with a national team, it is all about guiding it in the World Cup. You need a global picture, not a U.S. picture."

The fact that Klinsmann is popping up saying he is interested after his long unwillingness to talk about it combined with comments New England Revolution coach Steve Nicol made ealier this week saying that he felt the position had been filled ("I think it's done and dusted"), makes me wonder if a deal has been reached.

I could be very wrong, but it seems that any high level coach, be it Klinsmann, Hiddink or Scolari, would not say they were really interested in the job unless they felt the job was theirs. Why put yourself out there if you don't have to?

I also wonder if Klinsmann will get the top job and if a MLS coach will be named as his assistant coach. If that is the case, Steve Nicol could easily pop into that space. With the Revolution possibly losing a lot of their core talent during the off season (Dempsey, Joseph, Noonan), this might be a great time for Nicol to move on.

By the way, I have this image of Gulati announcing the new coach at the MLS Cup. Maybe at halftime or 15-minutes before kickoff, and the place going crazy. Just something that keeps popping into my mind.



Blogger cvmacboy said...

With the eye for young talent that Nicol has displayed in the past (ie. Dempsey, Parkhurst, etc.) I'd say he would be a great choice for assistant.

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