Friday, September 08, 2006

Knocking down another excuse for disliking American soccer

How many times have you talked with non-soccer loving friends about soccer and heard them say something along the line of, "I don't support the US national team because the do not win"? The easy response to that is do you support the US Women's national team? If they say anything but 'yes' you know their logic is flawed.

Anyway, Simon Provan at The Daily Texan (the University of Texas student paper) finds more holes it that sort of logic. He points out that if you are only going to support the national teams of winners and the domestic leagues that play in those nations, well then you need to stop watching the NBA and Major League Baseball.

The point of this column is two-fold. No. 1, if you still contend that soccer, Major League Soccer in particular, shouldn't be supported because of the performance of the U.S. team at World Cup 2006, then you have to apply that same logic towards the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball. After all, the U.S. Basketball team failed, again, to win this year's World Championship and the U.S. Baseball team failed to advance beyond round two at the World Baseball Classic.

I'm sure very few will take him up on this option, but as you points out, this "...won't stop you from watching basketball and baseball, and it shouldn't."


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