Tuesday, September 05, 2006

MLS Midweek 23 Recap or the Weekend that wasn't

Last Friday I started thinking about the 'story lines' for this weekend. I figured if a few of them went my way, then I would have a good post for today, but what do you know, I got nothing (almost).

I was getting the obituaries for Columbus and/or LA ready. For the Crew it was going to be a tail of 'nothing to see here' while the Galaxy were going to get 'look how far they have fallen.' What do you know, they both came up winners, thus keeping their playoff hopes alive.

Still, I figured FC Dallas's failure against their Texas neighbors would make for a good plot, but then they had to go and finally beat the Dynamo. I will give them some credit, they tried to lose some points for me, but somehow after playing for an hour with an extra man, they were able to get a 1-0 victory.

Okay, FCD won, maybe DC could lose and I could talk about the Supporter's Shield race tightening up. Just think, with a little help from Chivas, the run for the best could be down to just 2-points. So what happens? DC wins.

The Chivas defeat was actually a double shot to my writing skills as I had a 'look how big the second year clubs of Real Salt Lake and Chivas have gotten' idea. Well much like Chivas, Real lost at home by a goal.

So where have my story ideas gone? Wait a moment, that's only five games. Oh, could it be. Yes it is. I've got one.

Even with Bruce Arena at the helm, the Red Bulls of New York are still not very good. Wait, here is another, the team that faced a road trip that was suppose to kill them at the start of the season are now sitting 4-points up in second place in the East. Yes, the Chicago Fire came through in a pinch and gave me the win and the story.

Okay, I must confess, I was set to win either way with this one. If New York won, the story was 'Bruce still gives the Red Bulls hope' while the Fire were going to get 'this new stadium is cursed.'

Anyway, seeing as it is Tuesday, does it really matter what I write about these games?

DC looked better, but still not where they were in June. KC and Colorado both rediscovered their offense a bit this weekend, however, KC could not figure out how to stop what few chances LA had. The Crew will not just die, while New England is one of the most disappointing teams of the year (but they could still have a great finish). FC Dallas has seen their luck return, but their offense is still lacking. Finally, the Fire might just turn out to be the surprise hit of the year.

And that's where the MLS stands today.

Weekend scores:
Columbus Crew 3-0 New England Revolution
FC Dallas 1-0 Houston Dynamo
Real Salt Lake 0-1 Colorado Rapids
LA Galaxy 2-1 KC Wizards
Chivas USA 1-2 DC United
Chicago Fire 2-1 New York Red Bulls

ps - Congratulations to DC United for taking the first post season spot of the year. The next question becomes how long till the second team in the East takes a spot? Also, will the West still have three spots open going into the final week?



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