Wednesday, September 06, 2006

MLS's new online searchable video

Almost every day it seems like I point at something that MLS could be doing better, however today I'm happy to point to something they are doing right.

MLS has signed up with Gotuit Media to provide searchable video of all televised matches. What this means is you can type in a players name and get a list of all the plays they were involved in (more or less). This is not just a highlight search as the items include bad passes, offsides, corner kicks that result in nothing, etc.

The other great thing is each play has a URL so you can easily link to the video of the play while you are discussing it on a blog, email or in a chat room.

I have been playing with it for 30-minutes or so and I must say, it is impressive. The load time on the video is fast, the larger screen option is nice and the search results come back fast.

There are still some kinks that need to be ironed out, such as many videos return twice in the search results, only playing the one highlight to which you link and including the date of the game in the metadata, but still, this is a good addition to the league's online abilities.

Anyway, here are a few clips that I've been watching.

Santino Quaranta's first goal for LA against Houston.

Bobby Boswell cuts off a dangerous attack by Chivas USA.

Kenny Cooper's yellow card for diving against LA.

Chris Armas to Andy Herron who pushes it a bit too much to get a shot.



Anonymous GUTuna said...

ScaryIce over at Climbing the Ladder is going to LOVE this.

You can actually go back and analyze a player's effort like a coaching staff does.

10:43 AM  

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