Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chicago dumps DC out of the Open Cup

Chicago only had three shots on goal and ended up winning 3-0. The first half saw very little action, but with the Fire's first goal in the 58th, the match opened up.

United tried their hardest to foul their way to victory (28 in all), but it just was not meant to be. Freddy Adu had a great chance that beat Matt Pickens, but was cleared off the line.

This game saw very few good chances for either side yet somehow the Fire were able to land all of theirs. United never looked complete and are still lacking the passing structure they showed earlier in the season.

So Chicago yet again beats DC. With all the history between these two clubs, one must wonder why the DC-NY rivalry gets so much play, since Fire-United is so much better.

Chicago will host the US open finally on Wednesday September 27th. In just a couple hours we will know who they will play.

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