Thursday, September 07, 2006

EPL and MLS games coming to Jamaica thanks to new FSC deal

Yesterday, Fox Soccer Channel signed a deal with International Media Content Limited (IMC), the parent company of SportsMax, which gives SportsMax the Jamaican distribution rights for the channel, effective October 1, 2006.

"The agreement gives SportsMax the right to place local and regional content and commercial inventory on Fox Soccer Channel Jamaica, as well as for SportsMax to market and distribute Fox Soccer Channel Jamaica to cable operators via SportsMax's satellite network."

The items FSC included in this deal are: "English Premiership and the FA Cup, Italian Serie A, the Argentine League, CONCACAF Champions Cup, the USA's Major League Soccer, as well as daily Sky Sports News and Fox Sports World Report."

In addition, FSC will have the option of picking up shows developed locally by SportsMax.

From a MLS standpoint, this is very good news. Getting exposure for the league outside the US will help it grow. Domestic TV-rights are needed, but international rights can really add money to the bottom line. I don't know if FSC is paying MLS any additional money to air these games in Jamaica, but in a few years if there is a local following, I'm sure they will be.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's huge! i am a big fan of SportsMax because this is an innovative company out of the Caribbean! they show the top sports in the Caribbean!

Great stuff

5:43 PM  

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